June 8 2007

The evening of June 6, Erin, Scott and Isaiah left to go back home. We miss them. It's hard not having family close by. However, it was GREAT having them here for three weeks. (Erin even had her wisdom teeth out while she was here!)

The same day, we picked up two summer interns at the airport. Josh and Daniel will be working in Patzun through July. Another intern, Sarah, will be coming on June 18 to also work in Patzun. We are again in Panajachel for Josh and Daniel's orientation , but Ken will be taking them to Patzun today. Ken will go on to the capital on Sunday afternoon. I will stay in Pana. this time. Lord willing Ken will return sometime next week.

A work group of 21 people from Chapel of the Lake is coming June 19-July 3, to work in Patzun.

We'll be busy, but will try to keep you posted on what's going on.