January 11, 2010

We arrived back home in Guatemala around 11:00 p.m., Dec. 31. A new intern, Sarah, came with us. She will be living with us and teaching English in Patzun for the next 10 months. We brought our suitcases in the house, then left to attend the last few minutes of a New Year's Eve party with fellow missionaries. We wanted Sarah to witness the fireworks that happen at midnight. (Much more than in the States.) The last several years, the fireworks have gotten pretty. When we first came to Guatemala 19 1/2 yrs. ago, the fireworks consisted of just noise! It sounded like a war had broken out. Now, at least, the sky is pretty. (There is still a lot of smoke in the air though.)


On Saturday, Jan. 2, Ken and Sarah, along with another missionary and his adult daughter, who was visiting, climbed Pacaya - the volcano south of Guatemala City. They were able to get within 3 or 4 feet of a lava flow! They roasted hot dogs over hot rocks! It was a first for Sarah!

Since getting back from the States, we've been to Patzun twice, and Ken has been another time, plus Panajachel. Yesterday we showed Sarah Patzun's Sunday market (biggest market of the week). It was quite the CE (Cultural Experience) for her. She said she wouldn't complain about Wal-Mart being busy ever again!

The Kakchiquel radio station is progressing in their move. They have the new tower up as you saw in an earlier post. Construction has begun on the guard's two rooms, and the room for the transmitter. The radio committee is doing a great job.

Guard's two rooms and transmitter room

Ministerios Alfa y Omega has a new board. They all seem to be very willing and ready to work to seek God's will and to do it. We just found out last night that Guatemalan government has decided that school will start Jan. 18. That means we need to move into our two rooms (one for us and one for Sarah) at Alfa soon! It will definitely be a challenge to live there, but we'll enjoy being closer to the people. We'll need your prayers.

We also need to find a guard/gardener for our house in the capital. Please pray that we will find someone who is honest and hard working soon.

December 24, 2009 - Transported to Heaven

This evening at 5:44 p.m. my (Cindy's) Daddy was transported to heaven. He will spend Christmas with Jesus this year! My mother and all of my siblings (There are five of us.) were able to be at his bedside when he was taken to glory. We miss him so very much already, but cannot begrudge him heaven.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to take care of Daddy during his illness. It was truly an honor. We look forward to the day when we, his family, will be reunited with him in Your presence.

December 31, 2009 - New Grandson!!!

Nathanael Clifton Kemp was born today at 12:13 p.m. (EST) to Erin and Scott. Nathanael weighed in at 8 lbs., 3 oz. and is 21 inches long. He is our 5th grandchild (4th grandson). (Clifton is Ken's father's first name.)

Welcome to our family, Nathanael. We love you!

Unfortunately, we won't be able to see Nathanael for a while. We found out about his birth while we were in the Dallas airport - waiting for the flight to get back to Guatemala.

with big brothers Isaiah and Josiah

December 19, 2009

Jayme and James married today!!!
The wedding was beautiful and honoring to the Lord.

Erin was her sister's matron of honor. We are so thankful that she was able to make it to the wedding since she is 8 months pregnant! James' sister Martha is standing besides Erin and Jayme's roommate Julie is on the right.

The pastor, James, Davey (James' brother) Jacob and Drew (Jayme's brother)

Flower girl, Rosie (James' niece) and Ring-bearer, Evan (Jayme's nephew)
They took their jobs seriously!

Beautiful Bride, Proud Papa!

I do!

Thanking his parents.

Thanking us.

Ken sang, "Find Us Faithful".
(Erin was able to sit down for a few minutes.)

The Bride's Cake
Each layer was a different flavor;
(Carrot, Lemon poppy seed and White sour cream cake with raspberry filling)

The Lord answered a lot prayers for the cakes.
I made both the bride's and groom's cakes.
My mother is the cake decorator, but she was unable to attend, because of my father being ill.

Cutting the cake

The Groom's Cake
(Yummy chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing and Heath bars)

Eating the groom's cake

The Cake Cutters
Jayme's aunt and cousins

The ladies of the church provided the yummy food for the reception!

Concrete evidence!
(They had two rolls of plastic wrap going opposite directions.)

Jayme's brother Kyle got into the act too.

Both James and Jayme came prepared with pocket knives to cut the plastic wrap!
How many brides do you know who pack a knife in their wedding shoe?

Don't know why he didn't want to leave the balloons in the car.

My sister Susie came early from Alabama and helped a LOT with the decorations, flowers, etc. Her family and Ken's brother Karl and his family were life-savers with last minute details.

Proud Parents

The couple spent their honeymoon in Barbados.
James kept the destination a secret from Jayme until after the wedding!