April 2-29, 2008 - Busy Trip to the States

We left Guatemala on April 2, to travel to the States. My parents (Cindy) needed help with the flooring in their den. Jayme and her friend, James, came from Berea, Kentucky, during her Spring break to help. My parents are really happy with their new floor.

While in Tulsa, we visited with several people who are thinking about coming down on a work/evangelism team in PatzĂșn this summer.

We were also able to visit Ken's parents in Tahlequah, and his brother Karl and wife Judy, who were visiting from Pennsylvania.the Spaugh & the Johnsons

For many years, we have had things stored in Dallas at Ken's parent's house. When they moved to Oklahoma, the things were moved to Ken's cousin's house. Then when he moved his family, the things were moved to CAM's facility. We needed to take them to our kids, so we borrowed Ken's parent's van and drove down to Dallas to pick the things up. We loaded them in the van, and left for Huntsville, Al, to take some of the things to Drew. We were able to stay with Drew, Rachel and Evan one day, then headed up to the Pittsburgh area to take things to Erin. One the way, we spent two hours (only two hours) :( with Jayme. We stayed one day with Erin, Scott and Isaiah, then headed back to Tulsa, by way of St. Louis, to see Ken's brother Keith and wife Janet. The whole trip was around 3000 miles, which we traveled in 6 days! It was quick and tiring, but we were glad that we were able to see 3 of our 4 kids, and had at least 24 hours with our two grandsons. (Minus naps and sleeping at night, of course.) We did miss getting to see Kyle, but California is a LONG way away and we just didn't have the time to go there. So sorry, Kyle.

Ken & Evan; Cindy & Isaiah

April 19, we went back to Texas to attend some meetings (called 'Quest') with other CAMers in Big Sandy. (April 20-25). We really enjoyed the interaction with other missionaries from different fields. It was a joy to have my sister Jayme and her husband Larry there too. We don't get to see each other very often, so we were glad to be together.

We were able to attend Lake Ridge Bible Church both April 20, and 27. I was also able to go to a ladies' brunch at Redeemer Bible Church yesterday morning (April 29) with my best friend, Charlane. John and Charlane were our gracious hosts the last four nights of our trip. We flew back to Guatemala last night.