Friday, Febrary 8, 2008

Wow, it's been three weeks since I posted anything. We've been busy. As 'big brothers' to new missionaries, the Conners, we have been helping them get settled. They started language school on Monday and have survived the week!

Ken went out to Tajamulco (toward the Mexican border) because he was asked to speak at a church anniversary, but when he got there, they had another speaker! So... he just enjoyed being there, instead of having to speak.

We are getting ready for a work group to come down from Canada Feb. 17 - 29. I have been figuring out the menus, and then the grocery list. It takes time to figure out how much chicken, mayonnaise, tomatoes, onions, etc. etc. that you will need to feed 13-15 people for that long. Ken has been doing the planning for the group - what they will do, plans for the construction, prices of materials, buying doors for two classrooms and two bathrooms, etc. We are looking forward to seeing our friends from Canada!

The Intermission Conference here in Guatemala will be held Feb. 29-March 2. Ken and I are both on the 'finishing committee' for the conference. This year's speaker will be Dr. Steve Strauss, director of SIM (Serving In Missions). We've heard him at three other mission conferences in the States (at supporting churches of ours) and are really looking forward to the conference here. We have also been working hard on designing, printing, laminating, and cutting over 500 name tags for the conference. Nylon thread needed to be burned (instead of cutting it) and threaded through two holes cut in each tag. The thread was then tied so that the tag can hang around each person's neck. None of this was hard, just time consuming.

Tomorrow Ken is going with me to a birthday lunch for one of the ladies in my craft group. We are going to her week-end home an hour and a half away. The husbands of the group don't get together often, so this will be fun.

My friend, Ginita, who was hospitalized last month, is doing fine. We praise the Lord for her health.

Our daughter Jayme took a course last month (in Kentucky) where she made her own personal kayak. She wasn't able to finish it completely, but hopefully she'll have some extra time this semester to do it. Being a perfectionist, she added some extra beauty features to her kayak. When we have a finished picture, we'll let you see it. She started her spring semester classes on Wednesday and is again a TA in the wood's lab.