June 26, 2009

Ken is back in Guatemala; however, Cindy needed to stay in Tulsa and continue helping her parents pack and get their house ready to sell. (They plan to move to Alabama to live with Cindy's youngest sister who is moving there this summer.) There was room for only one person on the plane going back to Guatemala, so we felt that Ken should be the one to go. We see the hand of God in this, because Cindy's father went into the hospital this past Tues. with an inflamed pancreas and a gallstone lodged in the bile duct. He is scheduled to have surgery on Monday, (June 29) to remove the gallbladder and a growth from the pancreas. We covet your prayers for him.

We had a wonderful time in the US. Kyle and Ashleigh's wedding was beautiful and everything went well; even the weather was pleasant. On June 2, we arrived in Tulsa for Cindy to help her mother with a wedding cake, cleaning, and packing. We made a quick trip to Huntsville, AL (to take things we've had stored in Tulsa) to store at Drew's, and to attend a lunch for a work team that will be coming to Guatemala (Calvary Bible Church). Then it was back to Tulsa, and on to Tahlequah to pick up Ken's parents and take them to Lake St. Louis, MO, to a family reunion at Ken's brother Keith's home. We had a great time with all but three of the C. E. Spaugh family attending. (Kyle and Ashleigh weren't able to attend, nor was the son of Ken's brother Karl.)

Since returning to Guatemala, Ken has been to Las Buenas Nuevas and Patzun. There is now a crop of lettuce growing at Alfa y Omega. Praise the Lord!

The construction for the new building at Las Buenas Nuevas is coming along well. The roof is poured and the plastering of the walls is in progress.

I (Ken) was going to post some more pictures, but for some reason, the site won't let me at the present time. I just wanted to post something to let you know that we are still alive!