Christmas in Pennsylvania

Ken flew to Pennsylvania on Dec. 16. We were both so glad to be together again - after 7 weeks. (Don't want to do that again, if we don't have to!) Here are some pictures of our Christmas there.

Den Momma (Me) showed Isaiah how to paint Christmas cookies (with colored egg yolk)

He did a great job for the first time - and being 2 yrs. old!

We had a REAL tree - the first in MANY years for the Guatemala Spaughs.
Scott cut it down at a tree farm.

Josiah, ready for church on Christmas Eve
Susan and Lois, friends of ours in Canada, made the hat and booties for him.

Who turned out the lights?

Scott led the Christmas Eve service. Ken sang a solo.

Isaiah, Scott, Josiah, Erin

Precious boys

Jayme, Cindy, Ken

Isaiah was excited about this gift.
He loves to play "bassetball"!

My trip to Huntsville in early Dec. 2008

I went with Erin and Scott and their boys down to Huntsville, so that they could show Josiah to Scott's family. I stayed with Drew and Rachel while there. Had a great time.

Evan - He's not this serious very often!

Helping with the wood floor in the new addition to their house.

I helped too by deciding which different length plank should go where.
Drew then stapled them down.

Evan and his mommy

Our 3 grandsons
Isaiah, Josiah and Evan

January 14, 2009

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mom!
Ken's mother is 88 yrs. old today. We wish her a very special day.

Sorry I haven't written in such a long time. While in the States in Nov. and Dec., I was busy helping Erin with her two little boys, fixing meals, working on her quilt, and enjoying my time with her family. Isaiah is a typical two year old, and is very busy. He is such a cutie, and fun to be around. Josiah is growing and changing all the time. Erin says he's sleeping almost 8 hours at night! Way to go, Josiah! They are now living in the church parsonage, so Scott doesn't have to go very far to work! The parsonage, although not huge, with the basement, is much bigger than the rent house they lived in for a year.

Jayme arrived back in the States from her semester in Ireland on Dec. 21. Ken and I had to go to the airport twice to pick her up! The first time we waited two hours, before finding out that her flight from Ireland had been delayed 4 hours, making her miss her flight from Newark to Pittsburgh. We were told that she would be arriving around 8:00 the next morning. However, when we got back to Erin's, there was a message from Jayme on Erin's cell phone saying that she hoped to be able to catch a flight which would arrive around 9:00 that night. So....we got back in the car and drove back to the airport hoping that she would be there. We arrived about 30 min. after Jayme had gotten her bags. She was extremely tired after having just a few minutes sleep in the last 38 hours and having a cold.

We had a great time at Christmas. Scott was in charge of the Christmas Eve program at their church. Ken sang a solo with the choir! After the nice program, we went home and had a relaxed time opening our gifts.

Christmas Day, I fixed the meal with help from everyone. We ate a late lunch/early supper.

Ken and Scott started an interesting project. They began making a marimba! Ken was able to make several notes, before we left there. Scott will have to finish the project. He hopes to use it in their church services.

Dec. 30, Ken drove Jayme and me down to Huntsville, AL, in a rented car. We were able to visit with Drew, Rachel and Evan for a couple of days before heading back to Guatemala. Drew and Rachel are expecting our fourth grandchild in early August, so we are, of course, excited.

Jayme is now in her January - Winter session at Berea College - taking a 'computer to paint' course. She will be graduating in Dec. Wow! Our 'baby' finishing college. Is it possible?

I have pictures that I want to post, but will do that later. Please stay tuned.