Summer 2010

Time has gotten away from me. We've had a busy summer and early fall, so far.
In June, we had an intern from Tulsa, OK, come to help us for two weeks. Hillary was a GREAT help.

In July, a team from Dallas, TX came to help us. It rained a lot while they were here, but they were troopers! They helped install more "Onil" stoves in poor homes. They also started work on a building for a water purification system. My best friend and her daughter came with the group! It had been a long time since they had visited Guatemala.

Installing a stove

Explaining how the stove works

Preparing to make concrete by hand

Preparing the footings


Then at the end of the month, a group from Tennessee came to install the purification system and to teach the benefits of using clean water. Thank you, team!

Showing how the system works

Ana teaching hygiene/clean water class to adults
(She taught the school children too.)