James & Jayme's Visit

A LOT has happened since I last posted. Jayme and James came to visit us in August and stayed 5 weeks. We had great fun while they were here.

James helped Ken with various projects.
Here are just a couple of the projects:Installing a part at the Patzún radio.

The handle of my left-handed tomato knife had broken, so James made a new handle for it!

Sept. 15th is Guatemala's Independence Day. Colegio Alfa y Omega was in the parade.

We went to Panajachel and crossed Lake Atitlán to visit friends.

Jayme enjoying the view.

Due to the heavy rains this year, the lake has risen several meters, and the Santiago lake-side park is now a 'water park'!

Lake Atitlán is Beautiful!

Standing in front of Guatemala's national tree - the Ceba.

For James' birthday, we went to the beach.
Except on the Caribbean side of Guatemala, the beaches have black sand.
Waiting for a big one

Thanks for coming down, James & Jayme. We look forward to you visiting us again!