Sept 19, 2008 Eggs!

Have you ever tried mopping your floor with eggs? I don't recommend it! I just finished cleaning my kitchen floor unexpectedly. (Not that it didn't need it!) It all started about an hour ago when I was looking in the refrigerator for something to fix for lunch. I pulled out the sliding shelf where I keep the eggs. I guess I pulled a little too far, and all the eggs fell on the floor. Unfortunately, I had about 40-42 eggs! (I buy them in flats {2 flats come together, 30 eggs in each flat} and I had a full flat plus about a dozen more. ) Only 5 eggs survived the fall, and I was only able to salvage 14 to scramble. Needless to say, I think I'll have scrambled eggs for lunch! Of course, 14 are a little too many for one meal. Omelet anyone?
By the way, I don't recommend using eggs for room fresheners either! :(

Happy Anniversary

I forgot to announce that my parents celebrated their 63rd anniversary on Sept. 8. Congratulations, Mother and Daddy!!! Your 5 children, 18 grandchildren and so far 19 great grandchildren (!) love you very much. You are great examples to everyone.

Sept 10, 2008 Prayer for Erin

We talked with Erin tonight. She told us that she had unexpected minor foot surgery today. On Tues. one of her big toes started hurting and got worse during the day. She thought it would get better over night, but instead, got worse affecting the sole of her foot - so that it was hard to walk. She called around and found a doctor who would see her today. When she went in, the doctor said she had an infection and that it had abscessed and needed to be drained immediately. There were already signs of red streaks going up her foot. Thank the Lord, she went in when she did. The doctor called her OB and also had the head doctor come in and look at it. He agreed that it needed to be drained immediately. Erin is my child who is 'deathly' afraid of needles, so she broke out in a sweat, the shakes and dizziness. She said the doctor was very nice, asked several times if she should stop and let Erin relax, but Erin wanted it over with fast, so told her to keep on going. Afterwards, the doctor told her to sit there as long as she needed to, brought her something to drink, candy, etc., volunteered to call Scott, etc. etc. Erin had been at the church with Scott before going to the doctor, and Isaiah had fallen asleep, so Scott stayed with Isaiah, and Erin had driven (carefully) to the doctor herself. (They didn't realize it was so serious.) Someone dropped Scott off at the doctor's office so he was able to take Erin home. When we talked with her she had started the antibiotics, but her foot was still hurting quite a bit. Hopefully it will start feeling better tomorrow. The doctor wanted her to go back for a check up next week, but they are flying down to visit Scott's parents (and Drew and Rachel) on Monday. They will, of course, keep an eye on it. Again, we are so thankful that she was able to get in to see the doctor so soon. Please pray for her. (They don't know what caused the infection. She remembers being outside last week - with sandals on - and feeling something prick, sting or bite her foot. It wasn't bad, so didn't think anymore about it.)

September 5, 2008

Thank you for praying. Jayme arrived safely in Ireland on Monday, Sept. 1. She is living in a school apartment with three other international students from Norway, Canada and the U.S. Yesterday and today were long days spent in (a rather boring) orientation. She starts classes this coming Monday. (Sept. 8)
Here are a few pictures of her home for the next 3 1/2 months.

She lives in the two story apartment on the right side of this building. Her room is at the back (first floor) so you can't see her window.

Nice kitchen. The girls have to make their own meals, since there is no school cafeteria.

Small living room right by the dining area. Pictured is the girl from Norway.

Jayme's desk. Each bedroom is small, but because there is only one girl in each, they have adequate storage space.