Sept. 18, 2009

So sorry we haven't written anything for so long. We've been super busy. I (Cindy) was in Tulsa for three extra weeks in June and July to help my parents. My sister Becky and I took turns spending every other night at the hospital with Daddy. When Becky wasn't there, brother Kris took his turns. All my siblings have been there when they could be. (There are five of us.) We packed up most of the house, painted, worked in the yard and fixed things that needed to be fixed. Daddy came home from the hospital on July 14 - his 84th birthday. He has had to make several trips back to the emergency room since then, so we covet your prayers for him and for us as we try to care for him. I will head back to Tulsa in early October to 'take my turn' at staying with Mother and Daddy. We are still planning on moving them to Alabama to live with Becky and her husband. If Daddy can make the trip, Ken and I hope to drive them there in early November.

I flew back to Guatemala on July 13. We had a team coming on the 17th and I needed to be home to make the menus, grocery list and then buy the food - a time consuming job. We had four teams come in July and August - with some teams overlapping others. It was a busy time. One team went to the local public schools and taught Bible stories there. All the teams worked at Alfa Y Omega.

A young couple, Micah and Kerri, came to help us for the month of August in Patzun. We enjoyed having them here and they helped with the internet connection, painting the roof, and the website for the Guatemala Intermissions conference.

On August 15, I flew back up to the States to make a wedding dress for our daughter Jayme. She and James Miller will be married on Dec. 19! I was able to first fly to Alabama to see our newest grandchild - our first granddaughter - Rebekah Anne, born to Drew and Rachel. I was only able to spend a little over 24 hours there, then flew on to Kentucky. Jayme and I shopped for more supplies for the wedding dress, then drove back to Alabama, to make the dress. My sister Becky let us use her machines and was also a BIG help in making the dress. Praise the Lord, it's finished!

I arrived back in Guatemala the evening of Saturday, Sept. 5. Earlier that day, another young couple (Josh and Megan) arrived in Guate. to stay with us and to see the work in Patzun. (They will attend CAM's candidate school in Oct.) On Wed., Sept. 9, another couple (good friends of ours from St. Louis area) came down to help with the new construction at CAM's retreat center, Las Buenas Nuevas, in Panajachel. (Ken is in charge of the construction.)