August 28, 2007

Jayme left this afternoon to go back to school. She was asked by the airline if she would be willing to take a flight tomorrow and receive a free round trip ticket to use later. She was willing, but they found they didn't need anyone to give up their seat. No extra day with her, and no free ticket. :( We miss her already. I wish it got easier to see your kids leave. We were blessed to have all of them visit us this summer.
Here's a cute picture of Jayme and her daddy.

August 18, 2007

Alabama Cowboy

I have several things to write about today. First of all, our grandson, Evan, celebrated his first birthday on July 24! He is learning to walk and is doing really well.

That same day, Jayme flew down to visit us! (She finished her summer internship the day before.) She and three other students made guitars and tested the sound quality of the wood. They still lack putting the finish on their guitars. She will be returning to school for her junior year on August 28. :( We will certainly miss her. She and I have been able to make a few needed clothes for her to take back to school.


Iximche, Guatemala

Drew, Rachel and Evan arrived on August 9 for a two week visit. We have had great fun with them. Today Drew had his wisdom teeth out. We have a good oral surgeon who has now extracted Jayme's, Erin's and Drew's wisdom teeth. Anyone else need theirs done??? Drew and family leave August 23 :( - Rachel's birthday. (Also my brother, Kris', birthday.)

Drew, Rachel & Evan

Yesterday, August 17, was Isaiah's first birthday. Our two grandson's are no longer little babies! I envy grandmothers who live close to their grandchildren.

"See this cool rock I found?"

Ken has made several trips to PatzĂșn this past week, working on administrative things for Ministerios Alfa y Omega. Please pray for him that he will make wise decisions.