July 16, 2007 - Our Three Interns

Our summer interns are doing a GREAT job in Patzún. They are living with local families from the church, teaching English in the Ministerios Alfa y Omega school, working with the youth in the church, getting a lot of experience in mixing cement by hand, and building with cinder block. Thanks for all your hard work, Daniel, Sarah and Josh!!! (The above picture was taken at the Mayan ruins, Iximche - the ancient Kakchiquel capital near Tecpán.)

July 14, 2007 - Bible Dedication

Ken arrived back home last night from being away 4 days. Tuesday he picked up the three interns in Patzun. On Wed. he drove to Huehuetenango - then La Democracia, not far from the Mexican border. Early Thurs. morning (3:00 a.m.!) they started driving to San Mateo Ixtatán, for the Bible dedication in the San Mateo Chuj language. The San Mateo Chuj people now have the whole Bible in the language they understand! Over 3,000 Bibles were sold that day. Other dedications in other towns were planned for Friday and Saturday.

Fellow CAMer's David and Helen Ekstrom added this translation to their work of love.

It had rained heavily beforehand and at one point in the road the caravan of 59 cars and trucks going to the dedication came to a very steep switch-back, which caused problems for some of the heavier vehicles. Someone finally called for a grader to clean the mud away. Because of all the muddy roads, the caravan didn't arrive at the site of the dedication at 9:00 a.m. as planned, but three hours later. (They were going to be fed breakfast at 9:00, but that was canceled for obvious reasons. The dedication started at 12:25 p.m. - They still hadn't eaten anything. Ken and the interns finally each got to eat a hot dog around 4:00 p.m. which held them over until they had a real meal at supper time back in Huehuetenango! That made for some hungry people!) One of the interns said that one thing they have learned while being here is that you cannot always make set plans!
By the way, today is my beloved father's 82nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

July 7, 2007 - Lake St. Louis Group

The group from Lake St. Louis was here from June 19-July 3. They accomplished several things in Patzún. The young people, along with their adult leaders poured a lot of concrete. Mixing the concrete by hand and transporting it in wheel barrows is quite different than calling up the cement company and having them send out a cement truck! They also built several walls (for rooms) with cinder blocks.
Several times they were able to perform a mime they had prepared. They performed it for the church, a national school, and near the market place.
However, not all was hard work and ministry. They were able to go to Iximche, the ancient Kakchiquel capital. The ruins are fun to climb. Behind the ruins, Mayan rituals can be seen. It's sad to see people looking for spiritual help in the wrong place. The group also went to Panajachel and Santiago on beautiful Lake Atitlán.