Patzun Radio

Hillary (from Tulsa) spent the weekend with us. On Saturday we helped the Patzun radio station expand their inner yard so they can accommodate more people for the upcoming anniversary in a couple of weeks.

The tin wall used to be along side of the building where we are filling the former holes with dirt.

They also finished building a wall around the inner yard. (There is still radio property outside the 'inner yard'.)

They gave us a snack of chuchitos. (Similar to a Mexican tamale.)

The Tuj
(Pronounced, "Tooh" with a strong, pronounced "h" - at least that's close!)
This is a small building where the town's people can pay to have a sauna, helping the radio with some of their expenses.

Ken inside the Tuj - without a fire. (He really did work hard!)

Hillary and I watered the plants around the property, and dug up some soil to make a plot for planting onions and lettuce.

Satisfied with a job well done!

Church Picnic

On Sunday, we took the church members on an outing to a park not far away. We had a picnic and our church service there. We had a great time together. There were over 30 who went. Enjoy the pictures.

We took our Trooper, plus this pick-up.

Building the two fires

Making chirmol

Cooking the meat (using their hands instead of utensils).

Some people rested while the food was cooking!

Others enjoyed a snack.

Still others played soccer,

or relaxed by the pool
(It was too cold to swim.)

Time to eat!

The menu: beef, rice, refried beans, chirmol and of course the ever-present tortillas!

After lunch we had our church service, then there was one last game of soccer.

We even had a pretty good, barefooted goalie! She only allowed one goal.

We piled back into our cars and headed back to Patzun.
(You can't see him, but there was a little 80 yr. old man standing in the
back of the pick-up!)

Canadian Group

For two weeks in late January, early February, a group from Canada came down to help us in Patzun with various projects. We always have a great time with this group (They've come many times) and thank them for all their hard work.

Mixing cement - Guatemalan style

Bucket Brigade to pour the roof -- again Guatemalan style

Obviously another picture of the bucket brigade -- Caught the bucket in mid-air on it's way down to be filled again.

Preparing the ground to lay cement for the second half of a porch at the radio station

Two of the ladies on the team worked with the school children to present a drama of Noah and the Ark in both English and Spanish. The drama was a huge success. The children presented it twice - once to their parents and a second time to another school in the area.

Some of the animals waiting for their cue to go enter the ark

Noah sending out the dove
(Picture taken during practice. Noah had a costume and the ark had more substance!)