Water - water ..... a not a drop to drink!

On Saturday, March 28, Ken noticed that the water was not coming in very well. He went to investigate and found that the pipes were clogged. Two or three years ago, he put a couple of filters in the line to filter out the large sand that was coming in from the street. So....on Sat. he went to clean out the filter. Not only did that need to be done, but the water coming in was pretty dirty! Here's proof! (And this was taken after some of the junk had settled to the bottom of the bottle. The initial color reminded me of dirty pineapple juice!

He quickly turned off the water from the street so that our tanks would not fill up with dirty water. Fortunately, we had a full cistern, so were able to use that water to pump it up to the tanks. (We use gravity fed water in our house.) Unfortunately, another missionary family did not shut off their water supply, and their cistern was filled with junk. They had to pump all the water out.
On March 30 the water was getting better, and on the 31st, I was able to do a load of laundry. (It doesn't help much to wash your clothes in dirty water.) Ken even checked to make sure the city had added chlorine. They had! However, later, as I was giving my strawberry plants a needed watering, I noticed that the water was getting dirty again --- not as bad as before, but not as clear as it should have been. Ken had to shut the water off again for another couple of days. :( We are thankful that our cistern is large enough to supply us with water for a whole week.

Note: A week later, city workers came by to tell us they had had problems with broken pipes, but that they were finally fixed. Therefore, the water should be fine. That's a great time to tell everyone about the problem - after the fact!

Stolen Coffee

On Feb. 27, a car owned by fellow missionaries was stolen off the street in Antigua. (They had a club on the steering wheel.) In it was $200. worth of Guatemalan coffee that we, personally, had bought to sell to raise money for PatzĂșn. (They were bringing the coffee to us.) We don't know why this happened, but it has been another opportunity to trust God to supply both our needs and the needs of Alfa & Omega Ministries.

Busy, Busy

You are probably wondering what on earth we are doing these days. In January and February we were involved with registration details for the annual Intermissions Conference here. We made name tags for everyone attending, met with the hotel twice to figure out room assignments, chose the menus for the weekend, and were in charge of the registration at the hotel on the first two days of the conference. (Several people registered on site on both Friday and Saturday.) There were some major glitches this year, but thankfully, the Lord worked everything out. The conference was great and the speaker was too.

Two days after the conference, we flew up to Texas (March 3). We were able to borrow a car from a friend (Thank you, Roger!!!) and drive to Oklahoma to visit both sets of our parents. Our visits with them were very short, but we were so glad to be able to see them. Returning to Texas, we went to a week of meetings with CAM in eastern Texas. It's always great to meet with our colleagues who work in other countries.

After the meetings, we were able to spend a couple of days with Cindy's sister and brother-in-law in the Dallas area. Two of their children and families were there, plus visiting friends of theirs from Mexico. They had a full house, but we had fun being together. It was also great to be able to visit with friends while there. Ken and I ate supper with two women whom we hadn't seen in years. Thanks Edith and Dagi.

We returned to Guatemala on March 17, cleaned house and prepared for the arrival of friends from Huntsville, AL. Paul and Betty visited with us for a week. We took them to Panajachel and PatzĂșn besides around town here in the capital.

I (Cindy) have had a headache since Tues. Yesterday I took my temperature and found it was 102.5. No wonder I've been feeling bad. (I'm sure my temp. hasn't been that high since Tues.) We have a group of junior highers coming on Saturday, so I need to feel better SOON! Please pray! There is a LOT to do before they come.