Kids Visit

May 16th was a happy day for us. Daughter, Erin, and family (husband, Scott, and son, Isaiah) and son, Kyle, and his girlfriend, Ashleigh, came down to visit us. We went to places of interest here in the capital, then went to Antigua, Patzún and Panajachel. While in Pana. we went across Lake Atitlán to visit the town of Santiago. Kyle and Ashleigh had to leave to go back to the States on Saturday, May 26. Erin and family are here until June 6. We sure have enjoyed having them all here.

(Son, Drew, and family and daughter, Jayme, will come in August!)

Erin, Scott and Isaiah

Kyle and Ashleigh

LBN Water System

Through June, Ken and I are acting as host and hostess at Las Buenas Nuevas, CAM's rest and retreat center in Panajachel - Lake Atitlan. It is beautiful here. Our 'job' is to help guests (fellow missionaries, Guatemalan pastors, church workers, work teams, etc.) and also make sure things are running smoothly. Also, Ken is working on the water system here. He has spent a lot of time trying to get the water from the well clear and clean. A new water filtration system was installed last year, but recently it hasn't been working quite right. Ken is trying to figure out what needs to be done to rectify the situation.
We are still doing our regular ministry things, so we drive back and forth to the capital 2 1/2 hours away - through Patzun - every few days. It makes for a busy schedule to say the least. We appreciate your prayers!

May 30, 2007 - My First Blog

Here I am posting my very first blog. I'm not sure how or what to do, but here goes:

Alfa & Omega in Patzún is hanging in there. They have met with the bank and have until the middle of July to pay the taxes for the property; and for the papers to be finalized. We are trusting the Lord to supply the monies needed. The monthly payments will be almost impossible for the Patzuneros, but the Lord is faithful.

While work teams are here, I (Cindy) ask some of the Patzún ladies in the church to dress the North American women in the native Patzún 'dress' which is made up of a quipil (blouse - pronounced 'we-peel') and corte (skirt - which has 6-7 yds. of fabric; pronounced 'core-tay'). While the Canadian group was here, the women dressed me -- and then I went to market with them dressed like a Patzunera (except for my tennis shoes, which by the way, did NOT go with the outfit!) I was the talk of the town for weeks, I'm sure. Everyone smiled and pointed at me. I just smiled back, waved and bought my fruits and vegetables!

I'm the tall one!