Dec. 13, 2011

On Nov. 19, we were robbed for the second time in a little less than a year and a half. We keep finding things that are gone - besides the obvious ones. We are sad, discouraged and need prayer for wisdom in knowing what to do.

Andrea Dell - Grandbaby #7!

On July 27, 2011, Andrea Dell was born to Drew and Rachel. She weighed 7 lb., 4 oz.

On July 29, I was able to go visit her (and her family).
Her arrival gives us 4 grandsons and 3 granddaughters!

My mother with her 29th great grandchild!

I made Andrea a quilt using a pre-printed Daisy Kingdom fabric. I added the 8 larger appliqued flowers by hand. A friend in Alabama quilted it on her quilting machine. Thank you, Susan.

Big brother, Evan

Big sister, Bekah
(modeling the smocked sundress I made for her).

P.S. Sorry I'm so late in announcing Andrea's birth. I have tried to post this three times, but for some reason, it hasn't posted correctly before. (Hopefully it will now.)

July 2011
While Ken was attending special meetings at our mission home in the U.S., I was helping my sister and brother-in-law with their Grandparent's camp. They had 12 of their 13 grandchildren attending from Sunday evening to Friday evening (ages 3-13 - had to be potty trained to come). We and the kids had a great time having devotions each morning, going to the library (to get books to 'read' during rest time in the afternoons, and before lights out at night) making G2 Camp T-shirts, swimming at a local pool, journaling, making origami items, reading a chapter book (one our mother read to us when we were young - and we read to our kids) playing games, going to a museum (I didn't go to the museum, because I stayed home with one who wasn't feeling well that day.) and eating 'special' treats.

The whole group (minus me - I'm taking the picture.)

Morning devotions

At the library with Grandpa


Grandma (and Aunt Cindy) checked out a mountain of books
they had chosen

Helping the younger ones with their journals;

The older ones could journal on their own.

We wore some of them out!

Friday evening we took the kids to meet their parents at Cici's Pizza. What a reunion! The kids were excited to see their parents, and also excited to tell what they had done during G2Camp.

Hopefully this experience will help me in planning a grandparent's camp for our grandkids in the coming years.

June 25 - July 3 - Continued

Ken with the current radio committee - ready for work

Playing pick-up sticks in English class

Can you tell which one is Bekah?

Sending greetings to the church in the U.S.

We spent one night in Panajachel for some R & R,
and so that Ken could check on the construction at LBN.

Buying typical fabric in Pana

June 25 - July 3

Friends from Redeember Bible Church came again this year June 25-July 3. We had a great time with them. Although we weren't able to do all they had intended to do while they were here, they were flexible (a sign of a good missionary!) and accomplished a lot.


(Don't tell his wife that he does windows!)

Preparing food

Washing dishes in the outdoor sink (pila).


Helping put up a fence around the radio property

A new wall to form a recording room

Thanking God for the new recording room

May 14, 2011 - Grandbaby #6

Hannah Claire was born May 14 to James and Jayme. She weighed in at 6 lbs., 4 oz. I (Cindy) was able to fly to Kentucky getting there about 7 hours after she was born. (I would have gotten there on time, but bad weather caused delays and cancellations of flights. God was - and is - in control!)

A few days later, Hannah's bilirubin was high, so she had to go back to the hospital for phototherapy. I thought she looked cute with her 'sun glasses' on.

Happy Family

I had planned on making a quilt even before we knew Hannah was on the way. I started it in Dec. and was able to finish it before she was born!!!

The pattern is the "Stars" version of "Stars and Ribbons Crib Quilt" by Debbie Mumm

Back side of the quilt - (hand quilted)
The blue backing is darker than it appears in the picture.

Patzun Radio

Hillary (from Tulsa) spent the weekend with us. On Saturday we helped the Patzun radio station expand their inner yard so they can accommodate more people for the upcoming anniversary in a couple of weeks.

The tin wall used to be along side of the building where we are filling the former holes with dirt.

They also finished building a wall around the inner yard. (There is still radio property outside the 'inner yard'.)

They gave us a snack of chuchitos. (Similar to a Mexican tamale.)

The Tuj
(Pronounced, "Tooh" with a strong, pronounced "h" - at least that's close!)
This is a small building where the town's people can pay to have a sauna, helping the radio with some of their expenses.

Ken inside the Tuj - without a fire. (He really did work hard!)

Hillary and I watered the plants around the property, and dug up some soil to make a plot for planting onions and lettuce.

Satisfied with a job well done!

Church Picnic

On Sunday, we took the church members on an outing to a park not far away. We had a picnic and our church service there. We had a great time together. There were over 30 who went. Enjoy the pictures.

We took our Trooper, plus this pick-up.

Building the two fires

Making chirmol

Cooking the meat (using their hands instead of utensils).

Some people rested while the food was cooking!

Others enjoyed a snack.

Still others played soccer,

or relaxed by the pool
(It was too cold to swim.)

Time to eat!

The menu: beef, rice, refried beans, chirmol and of course the ever-present tortillas!

After lunch we had our church service, then there was one last game of soccer.

We even had a pretty good, barefooted goalie! She only allowed one goal.

We piled back into our cars and headed back to Patzun.
(You can't see him, but there was a little 80 yr. old man standing in the
back of the pick-up!)